Angel Departed Shorts By Steven E. Savage

Sometimes, a lucky break can open up opportunities and brighten horizons for everyone touched by the rays of that lucky sun. Other times, it can merely confer power on an unworthy person who lacks compassion, allowing her to dominate, control, and destroy the destinies of others.

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The Claim by Tim Law

“A candle did.”
“I am sorry Ma’am, could you please repeat that?”
“You asked me what caused the blaze that burnt down mine and my husband’s home of forty-seven and a half years. I just told you, a candle was the very thing that created such a chaotic disaster.”

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The Shape Shifter By James Bates

Not many people know this but we shape shifters don’t get to call the shots. Nope, we take what we get. Once I was tasked with being one of those Covid-19 masks. That was back at the start of the Great Pandemic eight years ago. An interesting assignment. I’m considered a very mellow dude in the shape shifting community but even I got a little perturbed when the guy who supposed to be wearing me stuck me in his pocket. Then he got sick. Man, was his wife ticked off. Then he died. She was still ticked off, but not as much. I heard she’s much happier now.

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Earth Queen by Ann Christine Tabaka

One day the Four Elements were lounging around restless and bored. After discussing the matter at great length, they decided it would be fun to create a world all their own. They were tired of existing in the nothingness of the vast and lifeless skies. There were a multitude of barren planets and blazing stars, but no lifeforms to worship and obey them.

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